I’ve been travelling quite a lot the past years, so it would be a big omission on my part if I didn’t talk to you about the place I come from and live in! That place is Milos island, which remains at the top of my list of the most beautiful destinations I’ve visited. Therefore I consider myself lucky to live and work in this paradise! Sculptured out of volcanic eruptions, this island is one of the biggest natural ports of the Mediterranean and a true gem of the Aegean and the Greek seas in general.

You can come to Milos by plane, since there is an airport on the island, with flights that run everyday from El. Venizelos airport. Or you can take a ship from Piraeus port. The island is also connected, via ferry lines, to Santorini (where there is an international airport), Sifnos, Serifos and to nearly all Cyclades.

Apart from the dreamy beaches (over 70) that the island has to offer, there is also the ancient theatre of Milos and the catacombs, a sample of its cultural heritage!

Catacombs, Milos

What not to miss!

A daily boat trip to the beaches that are otherwise inaccessible is not to be missed. There are many sailboats and catamarans in Adamantas, that do daily trips to Kleftiko and Sykia. You can have an afternoon walk there and check out the boats, speak with the crews and book your trip according to your likes, needs and budget.

A cheaper option, but just as good, is to make this trip with a fish boat. Fish boats sale off every day from Kipos and Agia Kyriaki.

Finally there is also the option to choose Stelios, who can turn this trip into an experience of a lifetime, with his 15-metre volcano boat.

Another good way to go around the island and visit the otherwise inaccessible beaches, is to rent a boat. This way you can have a romantic trip with your partner, while testing your abilities as a captain. There are quite a few rent-a-boat agencies in Milos. One of them is Rent a boat “Skipper milos.

For the adventurous ones there is also the option of canoeing. Rod can show you the most beautiful beaches of the island!

Kleftiko, Milos


The villages of Milos


If you come to the island by ship, the first thing you will see is Adamantas’ port. Adamantas becomes the centre of the island during the summer months. It has many good restaurants, bars, travel agencies (for booking excursions or renting a car), shops and countless hotels and accommodation for every budget.

For those of you who are interested in thermal springs, you can visit Lakkou thermal springs in Adamantas, where you can enjoy the hot waters that gush from deep inside the volcanic depths of Milos. I suggest visiting the Milos Mining museum, where you can learn about the geological wealth of the island, which was formed by the volcanic activity over the centuries.
It would be a great omission on my part not to mention Milos’ German bomb shelter, a cluster of man-made caves created during the German occupation. A visit there is worthwhile and can take you back in time.

Bomb shelter, Adamantas, Milos

Lakkou thermal springs, Adamantas

Milos mining museum, Adamantas


We leave Adamantas and move on to Plaka, which is the island’s capital. Here you can visit the Folklore Museum of Milos and the Archaeological Museum of Milos and learn about the history and the culture of the island, as well as enjoy a stroll through the traditional alleys of the village. There are beautiful shops and restaurants here, to spend your afternoon or night out. The highlight here is perhaps the sunset, which you can enjoy at the village square (Marmara), behind the church. The view of the sunset here can be compared to the one in Santorini! For those of you who have the courage, I suggest doing a 20-minute walk to see the Venetian Castle, which is situated at the highest place in the village. The view up there will surely make it worthwhile!

Sunset at Marmara

Plaka, Milos – View from the Venetian Castle

Sunset at the Venetian Castle of Milos


After Plaka, comes Tripiti, a beautiful village next to Plaka, that has hidden treasures! One of these treasures is Milos’ Catacombs, a unique monument of Christianity dating back to the Roman Empire. Another treasure, close by, awaits to be discovered. It’s the Ancient theatre of Milos. In Tripiti you will also find very good restaurants and souvenir shops.

Catacombs, Milos


Another place that you should definitely visit when you come to Milos is Klima. It’s a uniquely beautiful, traditional fisherman’s village, with colourful little cottages, called Syrmata, built right at the shore. Syrmata are the typical two-story fisherman houses, where the lower level was used to safely store the boat, to protect it from bad weather.

I would suggest you to take a relaxing walk there, preferably at sunset, take lots of pictures, do a little bit of shopping and perhaps have a nice dinner. It would be a great way to spend the evening!



We leave Klima and move on to the northeast part of Milos, Pollonia. Pollonia is the second port of the island. A small boat departs from this port every day and connects the island with Kimolos. The village has newly built accommodation and good restaurants to offer, so it is sure worth a visit!


Another beautiful village that I would suggest visiting is Mandrakia, a traditional fisherman’s village surrounded by colorful “syrmata”.


The beaches of Milos island

Milos is justifiably well known for its beaches. They are over 70, so surely here you will find the beach of your dreams! I will talk to you about the most important ones, in my opinion.

Firstly I would recommend you to use a scooter or a car, in order to explore the island easier!

The northern side of Milos 

On the northern side of the island (suitable for days with strong winds blowing from the south) you will find the following beaches:


A beautiful and organized beach with a canteen, it has fine, white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys watching an idyllic sunset!

Plathiena, Milos


Fyropotamos is a gorgeous traditional settlement by the sea, with a small uniquely beautiful beach, which is situated in a bay between traditional seaside houses, the so-called “syrmata”. During your visit at Fyropotamos do not miss the chance to visit the small church of St. Nikolaos and the abandoned loading ladder.


The most famous beach on the island. Here nature has worked its magic. It has created a unique moon-like landscape, with white rocky volcanic formations, which are sculpted by the bright blue waters of Aegean. This place used to be a pirates’ stronghold and it takes its name from them. Undoubtedly Sarakiniko will steal your heart!


Mytakas It’s a bay with a small fisherman’s village and a beautiful, sandy beach.

Mytakas, Milos


This is another fantastic beach with a small bay on the left, which is surrounded by rock formations and resembles a lake and this makes this place unique.

Alogomandra, Milos


Next to the ruins of the ancient city of Philakopi is located the cave of Papafragka. The cave is surrounded by rock formations. A steep staircase is carved on these rocks, which leads to the entrance of the cave, which in turn leads to a small beach. You can settle on the beach and from there take the opportunity to explore the caves in the surrounding area, using your mask and respirator!


Η παραλία μέσα στη σπηλιά Παπάφραγκας στη Μήλο


Right next to the cave of Papafragas is the beautiful beach of Kapros

Finally, in the northern side of the island you can find several beautiful beaches like Agios Konstantinos and Pachena.

The southern side of Milos 

On the southern side of the island (ideal for those days with northern winds) many dreamy beaches await for you to explore them! These are:


A gorgeous beach with amazing water and a variation of colours, which makes it one of the most famous beaches of Milos. The volcanic origin of this place is made obvious by the red rocks, which surround the beach amphitheatrically, protecting it from strong winds from the north. The combination of fine sand with multicoloured pebbles, crystal clear waters and a view to the infinite blue will make you love this beach! In Paleochori you will also find a beach bar, restaurants, water sports and excellent accommodation!


Agia Kyriaki

One of the most beloved beaches on the island. Here you will be amazed by the cool waters, the multicoloured pebbles and the thick sand.

Agia Kyriaki, Milos


A beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, ideal for families since the waters are very shallow and the golden-red sandy strand is big and calls for games.

Provatas, Milos


To enjoy its beauty, follow the steep, sandy path, which leads to a stairway. At the bottom of the stairway you will find white, fine sand and the emerald waters of Tsigrado beach!

Tsigrado, Milos



This is a beach with large volcanic rock formations, white, fine sand and white pebbles. In beautiful Fyriplaka the water is shallow, blue-green and there is a beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Fyriplaka, Milos


Kleftiko has a unique beauty. It’s a strangely shaped formation of grey-white rocks, with caves and pits that have been shaped over the centuries by volcanic eruptions and the erosion created by seawater. Back in the old days it used to be a pirates’ stronghold and this is where its name comes from. In order to come here and see these unique formations and the crystal bright blue-green waters, you need to come by boat.

Kleftiko, Milos


This is the remotest beach on the southern side of the island, which you can reach by car. It’s not so easy to reach it, due to the rough, dirt road you need to take and then the 15-minute walk until you finally arrive there. But the sandy beach, the white rocks and the bright blue-green waters and the caves in Gerontas will surely make the trip worthwhile.

Γέροντας, Μήλος

Gerontas, Milos

The eastern side of Milos 

The eastern side of the island has its’ fair share of beaches as well! (Ideal on days with strong winds from the northwest or the southwest.)


A unique place, where the ruins of the old sulfur mines lay. The facilities, which operated until 1956, lead to a unique beach, which is one more geological sight of the island! This is a place, where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the sea, while feeling like you are travelling back in time.

Polychronis Beach

Right next to Pollonia village is located a beautiful sandy beach called Polychronis beach with the famous Hitana Milos beach bar.Polychronis bay is well-known for its green water colors and is perfect for a cocktail break or more at the beach bar .

Kolimpisionas, Kastanas and Tria Pigadia are small beaches on the eastern side of the island. They all have blue waters and multicoloured pebbles and are worth a visit.

The western side of Milos

Moving on to the western side of Milos (ideal to visit on days with strong north or northeast winds), you will realise that it’s not so easy to access it, since the roads are in bad condition. Those of you who love adventure, however, will surely love the secluded beaches you will find there, which might even become your favourite!

Like Triades

. White rocks divide three beautiful sandy beaches, that have bright blue, shallow waters. The last of the three is one of my favourite beaches!

Triades, Milos


Next to Triades you will find one more beautiful beach, with golden sand and crystal clear waters.

Ammoudaraki, Milos


Agkathia beach is situated in quite an inaccessible area of western Milos. The blue waters, the long strand and the bay that is protected from the wind, will surely be rewarding when your get there!

Agkathia, Milos

Agios Ioannis

The beach got its’ name from the monastery of St. John the Siderianos, which is 500 metres away from this silver-coloured sandy beach.


A cave of unique beauty, which is only accessible from the sea. The cave has no roof and so when the sun rays hit the inside of the cave from above, the light creates beautiful colours on the crystal

clear waters.

The sky and the sea as seen inside of Sykia cave

Sykia, Milos

The bay

Since Milos is one of the biggest natural ports in Mesogeios, it also has pretty beaches inside its’ bay. Papikinos

Papikinos beach is situated one kilometre away from Adamandas port, to the east. It’s a long strand, with tamarisk trees, umbrellas, sunbeds and restaurants. It’s ideal for families with small children, since the water here is shallow and the trees offer ample shadow.

Papikinos, Milos


This is the largest beach on the island. It was white sand, tamarisk trees and shallow water. This beach attracts surfers and kite-surfers, when the wind blows from the north.

Finally, in the gulf of Milos you will also find Lagada, Fatourena and Agios Dimitrios beach.

Places to eat in Milos

Where will you eat in Milos? Firstly I’d like to stress that the options you have, when it comes to food, are all good, since the gastronomic services offered here are of very high quality!

In Adamantas I recommend:

Mikros apoplous” This is the best option for local, fresh fish, seafood and Greek cuisine! Since I happen to be the owner of this restaurant, it would give me great pleasure to meet you in person and help you find the culinary creations that will make up your meal!

Oh Hamos” The perfect choice for meat eaters! Irini, the owner of the restaurant, uses different kinds of local meat and cheese to form the menu.

Alevromilos” Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with local ingredients and a menu created by chef Vasilis Papikinos, who also offers cooking classes!

Aragosta” This is an awesome bar-restaurant with modern Mediterranean and international cuisine, owned by two friends of mine, Korais and Stratos. This place operates also as a bar, that makes fantastic cocktails, offers an excellent view and plays great music!

Zygos” It’s a family owned tavern, which is another good choice for people that like meat.

In Pollonia I recommend:

Gialos” For fresh fish and seafood. Hristos, the owner of the restaurant, makes sure that the dishes that will be served at your table, have the aroma and the freshness of the sea!

Rifaki” This is another option for fish and seafood. Here, you will meet Yakoumis, who has taken over the business and continues the family tradition, to serve good food.

Hanabi” If you are on holidays and you’ve missed sushi, you couldn’t have a better option than “Hanabi”. Antonis, the owner, has taken asian cousine to a higher level!

In Plaka I recommend:

Archontoula” For Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. Archontoula, the owner, will make sure to find a nice table for you, on one of the stone paved alleys of Plaka, so that you can enjoy a nice meal.

Mavros Xoiros Grill House” Here, as the name suggests, you will have meat. It’s a new place, which is a nice option for us meat-lovers.

In Tripiti I recommend:

Ergina” Here you will find Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. Ergina will charm you with her food, especially with her handmade skordolazana!

Barriello” This restaurant offers modern cuisine. The owner, Takis, will help you choose from a variety of special dishes and a large variety of beer and wine.

Ta Glaronisia” This is a very good grill house! Here “Proedros” will make you feel like home.

In Mandrakia I recommend “Medusa” For seafood tapas and grilled octopus. A very good choice for noon or afternoon, after spending the day at the beach.

In Klima I recommend “Astakas” For fresh fish and seafood. Dinner with a sunset view, in one of the prettiest fisherman villages of the island!

And finally in Agia Kyriaki I recommend “Psarovolada” Mediterranean, Greek cuisine and seafood. A combination of a nice dinner with the view of infinite blue sea.

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