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Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is an island country south of India, in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is known for its’ rainforests, highlands, sandy beaches and ancient Buddhist ruins, including the 5th-century Sigiriya Lion Rock, with its palace and frescoes.

View of the Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

Lion Rock

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

The modern capital, Colombo, is a gateway to beach resorts, such as Mirissa, which is a great spot for whale watching safari.

View of the Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka

Mirissa beach

A boat doing whale watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Whale Watching safari, Mirissa, Sri Lanka


In the south-western side of the island, you can visit Galle and its colonial old town and Fort and the Galle lighthouse.
View of the Galle lighthouse in Sri Lanka

Galle lighthouse, Sri Lanka


In the inland, the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a cave complex adorned with Buddhist paintings and statues.
View of the inside of Dambulla cave in Sri Lanka

Dambulla cave

The exterior of Golden Temple of Dambulla in Sri Lanka

Golden Temple of Dambulla, Sri Lanka

View of the inside of Dambulla cave in Sri Lanka

Inside the Dambulla cave

In the Central Highlands there are biodiverse rainforests and tea plantations. The vibrant city of Kandy is home to the Temple of the Tooth shrine.

View of the Temple of tooth in Sri Lanka

Temple of tooth

View of the interior of Temple of tooth in Sri Lanka

Inside the Temple of tooth

Pilgrims climb 2,243m-tall Adam’s Peak, well known for the “sacred footprint” rock formation, which is near the summit, and the incredible Nine-Arch Bridge.

Adam’s peak, Ella, Sri Lanka
Train passing the Nine-arch Bridge

Train passing the Nine-arch Bridge

Ella's Nine-arch Bridge in Sri Lanka

Ella’s Nine-arch Bridge

To the southeast, Yala National Park shelters elephant herds and leopards.


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